Legend of Legends Chapter 75 & 76

By SootyOwl

Hey everyone,

I'm really sorry for not posting yesterday. I a massive, random earache, and the pain meds I took knocked me right out. First, I couldn't focus because of the pain, and then, I couldn't focus because of the medication. To rectify the situation, I'm posting two chapters today. A lot happens in these two chapters, and again, I feel like some of your complaints are addressed in a fashion. (Not that you guys agree with me.)

Also, I'm going to make a discord channel for the novel by tomorrow. That way if something like this happens again, I can let you know.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the novel in the rankings, and if you haven't, please do. Remember that you can vote every day. It'll let everyone know that you are enjoying the story and our work.

Here are Chapter 75 and Chapter 76


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