Legend of Legends Chapter 175

By SootyOwl

Hey everyone,

Just a heads-up: I know some of you can get really riled up with the story, and I have no problem with that. Just remember to try to not curse in your comments. It gets automatically flagged and other people won't see it. I don't have permission to approve flagged comments, so I can't help on that end. Mostly, you can complain as much as you want, but if you want people to read your comments, pay attention to the language.

If you guys get a chance, please comment on the Novel Updates website. It looks like the great majority of the comments there are for a previous translation from 2016, so if you are enjoying this version, let other people know.

Remember that we have a Discord channel for the novel, and make announcements there when I think I'm going to post late. You can also leave your opinions or let me know of any mistakes.

Here is Chapter 175.


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