King of Gods Chapter 813

By Thunder


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KoG Chapter 813

Edited by: adeadaxe

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This is a drawing contest. The drawing can be of any character/item in the novel as long as it is relevantand important - for example, the little thieving cat, Zhao Feng, the Eye, etc etc. These drawings can be in any form: digital artwork, crayons, pencils, pen etc etc.

The prizes will be:

    1. $200 usd

    2. $150 usd

    3. $100 usd

as well as 5 other effort rewards of $25 usd.

To Participate:

  1. Send the drawing to [email protected]
  2. Write King of Gods Drawing Contest as the subject
  3. 1 Entry allowed per person
  4. No photos copied from the internet are allowed or there will be a complete ban
  5. The last date for the contest is the 30th September (NEW ZEALAND TIME)
  6. Include the email of your paypal (in case you win)

The method of payment will be through Paypal and the winners will be chosen by the KoG Translating Team, adeadaxe and I.

All the best,


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