IMDC Chapter 253-255

By DragonInWhite

Here are the 2 sponsored chapters and one extra just because. So, this concludes November. FYI, I ran on Singapore time for now.

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I'm sorry we were off to a shaky start at the start of the month. I believe the editor situation is under control now and we should go back to a regular 2 a day. Might also be more, I am hoping to be able to push out more releases. However that is simply ambition at the moment, so all I can promise is 50 per month, that will be a minimum.

Regular chapters for November: 50/50

Sponsored Chapters: 2/2

Bonus Chapters: 1


Chapter 253‍ 

Chapter 254‍ 

Chapter 255‍ 

An ebook was launched on Amazon Kindle for the first 46 chapters. Here is the link for those interested, these chapters have been re-edited and the earlier chapters will be updated to the same soon.

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TL: DragonInWhite
Editor: FlufflyGloblyn, RED
TLC: DragonInWhite

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