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IMDC Chapter 1463

By DragonInWhite

Synopsis competition, details below.

Regular chapters for November: 08 / 50

Here's Chapter 1463

Write a Synopsis between 100-300 words for IMDC and submit it at

The synopsis should be interesting without revealing major spoilers but still gives a general idea of how the MC is like and the flow of the story. You can talk about what you liked in the story as well in another paragraph below the summary.

I won't be too strict on the length and you may go over if you want. However, if it gets too lengthy, it would probably result in points being docked.

I will select a few (probably 3) and put them up for voting, or even use all of them. Those selected will win 5000 dragon scales and of course, the writers will be credited as well unless requested not to.

Each submission will earn you 1000 scales but only once per person/account. You can make multiple submissions but you can only earn the submission reward once.

Scales are used in the Discord channel shop to purchase advance chapter access or merch store discounts. (500 scales = one month of one advance chapter access; this is stackable so 1000 = 2 chapters)

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