Hidden Assassin - Chapter 50

By Milaryn

2/3  chapters of the week (next release is Friday, April 13). (WOO CH 50.)

Chapter 50 (new tab) / Chapter 50 (redirect) is here.

3 chaps this week, but next week is going to shrink again, sorry for the fluctuating amount of chapters. On a side note, at least you can except a mass release probably by the last week of April? Ahaha ha ha ha ha...

I will do my usual procedure of saying when the next chap is going to be released so you'll at least have some idea of when the next one is coming...

There's also another survey going around, please fill it out: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FX53WBQ

It determines what novels GT would pick up, so please do fill it out :3

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