EIF Chapter 135

By Ash

Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Translator: Ash

Editor: RED

Regular chapters for August: 1/40!

Hi guys, so we ended up 27th last month, calculating the bonus chapters, the total count ended to 33, but as you know, I wasn't able to finish them completely, so, I am adding the rest for this month chapters. Six chapters were left in the end. So, this month regular chapters amount to 36.

And now, the target of this month, as we ended up 27th last month, this month target will be 25th rank and 20th rank, and hopefully in top 15th, if possible. The rewards will be as follows:

In top 25 - 8 chapters/week

In top 20 - 9 chapters/week

In top 15 - 10 chapters/week. (Hopefully)

We are already in top 25, I hope we can aim higher. So counting the bonus ranking, the total chapters are increased to 40.

On another note, another chapter will be coming later today.

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Now, for chapter 135, while I was translating, I could not help but remember a song, it fits with this chapter scenario for Meng Tai as all his secrets are revealed.

So, I am going to share it with you as well.

So, today's song of the day - Sinnerman!

And as much of a fan I am of reading, I am as much of a fan of songs, so if you have any recommendation, please do on discord. If I liked it, I would share it with everyone else, with your alias.

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