Era of Disaster December Mass Release! Chapter 47-49

By windiven

Hello guys, so i was talking about good news during the last announcement and here it is! Well, the only good news any translator can bring is more chapters i guess (yay). So my exams just ended and its my holidays now, so i decided to bring you guys more chapters for the entire month of December (sounds like an advent calender hmmm). So i'll try to post 2-3 chapters everyday, hopefully i will be able to manage this workload but yeah! When January starts and so does my school the rate of release will go back to 1 a day, since i can't sustain this rate of release with school. Anyway if you like this novel please give me a vote, or you can also go to  novelupdates  and give me a nice rating and review :D. I'll probably be setting up my patreon in the coming days so yeah if you want to support me/get more chapters then yep please take a look when it's up!

Thanks to Jun for editing all the chapters!

Chapter 47

Chapter 48

Chapter 49

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