Era of Disaster Chapter 272 and major announcement

By windiven

Chapter 272 is released! Thanks to my editor Ellis for editing this chapter! 

And well, the major announcement is that this will be the last chapter of Era of Disaster that I will be releasing. Yes, unfortunately, I will be dropping this novel :( The reason for this is firstly, I am starting a full-time job in June that I fully expect to be very hectic, so I don't think I can afford the few hours each day spent on translating coupled with my full-time job and social life. Secondly, this novel isn't very popular, to be honest, so it isn't really worth it for me to continue translating in the future, especially with juggling a job. 

I would really like to thank all the readers who have read and enjoyed this novel, this was really a novel that I liked and personally picked to translate. I liked how kind Bai Yi is, even though a lot of you would probably think that it's just stupidity, but I guess a part of it is that that kindness is what I wish to see in people. I also liked the realism, most novels always irritate me and get boring when it reaches the part where the MC just owns everybody and wins in every encounter, because well that's just not what happens in real life. Honestly, if people in the world were like the standard Chinese novel MC the world would pretty much be doomed with countless psychopaths whose only interest is themselves and stroking their ego ._. lll I like it that the MC loses at times, that his friends can die, that he is not invulnerable or invincible, or immune to making mistakes. But well, I'll have to end this novel at the end of this arc. There might be another translator picking up this novel in the future, but that waits to be seen. All in all, I'm glad I decided to take the chance to become a translator after getting into this world of jap/chi/kor light novels from the days of Arifureta and Stellar Transformations to how big this entire thing has become. 

Once again, thank you to all the readers who have enjoyed this story so far and I hope you guys will continue to find joy in reading these translations :) 

Chapter 272

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