Earth's Core is on Gravitytales!

By Lonahora

Hi, everyone!

I'm a new member, new author to be precise, here in Gravitytales!

You can call me Lonahora and what I bring with me is my story Earth's Core!

I was amazed when I got invited to publish my story here in Gravity, very honored and thankful for the opportunity!

To celebrate the warm welcome I received by everyone I talked to by now, in this very first post of mine in Gravity, I'm publishing five celebratory chapters!

Book 8, Chapter 7

Book 8, Chapter 8

Book 8, Chapter 9

Book 8, Chapter 10

Book 8, Chapter 11

If you enjoyed (or didn't) the chapters feel free to comment your thoughts, I'll be sure to reply to everyone!

Other than that you can always message me for other stuff you feel like talking about.

To avoid confusion, to those who doesn't know, I'd like to add that the story releases are weekly due to my schedule, but I do publish bonus chapters to my patrons, now and then, and currently working on a special release for them (so don't shoot me, yet).

Lastly and not the least bit important... I'm not the only new author joining Gravity, stay alert for another original story, "Martial Void King" by BeginnersXianxia!


Top that, BeginnersXianxia! Also, please don't kill me for not waiting for your approval   

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