Chaotic Sword God Notice

By Pipipingu

Hello guys, if you haven’t seen it already, CSG has been taken down from the Gravity Tales website. No, I’m not leaving, and I pray that this is only temporary.

I think I made my point in my reddit comment that as long no one interferes with my translating, I wouldn’t really care. I wanted to keep my nose out of all this drama. And right now someone is. I’m not very happy. And it’s not Qidian, Qidian International, China Reading. It’s the publishers of Chaotic Sword God themselves, 17K.

You may be thinking that this is all due to the whole fiasco a few days ago with Gravity Tales switching ownership. It’s not. This has actually been coming ever since GGP started negotiating with the publishers, which was around January this year. It was a back-and-forth negotiation, where it was getting nowhere. In the end, GGP went to China for further negotiations in May. The end result was a pretty depressing, where 17K put forward some pretty unfair terms. I would love to tell you all about this, but it’s bound by an NDA so I must apologise. GGP tried all that he could; they refused to budge and that was that.

In short, 17K is cracking down with the licensings so we can only take down the translations. This was going to happen regardless we signed with Qidian or not. We were negotiating with them before we even considered any offers from Qidian, and we definitely would have gone to them, not Qidian if the terms were reasonable. I’m honestly rather disappointed with 17K, but I must respect the fact that they hold the rights over the novel.

In the meantime, if you want to read Chaotic Sword God or any of the other novels taken down (Zhan Long and Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual), I would advise you to use google caches. If you need help with that, jump onto the discord server and I can try help you out. I’ll also try find a way for me to continue Chaotic Sword God releases.