Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2693 - 2723 (One Last Surprise)

By Pipipingu

Chapter 2693


Chapter 2723

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Hello CSG readers,

First of all, happy Chinese New Year and happy 5th anniversary, Gravity Tales. With this mass release, we have officially caught up with the author. This might be a lengthy post as there are several things I'd like to address, so I'll just subtitle them.

My feels ;-;

In February 2017 I believe, I had just handed over ZTJ to Hypersheep325. I planned on taking a step back from translations that year as I was in my final year of high school, which is pretty significant in Australia as I would essentially be preparing for my university entrance exams. Later that month, the owner of Gravity Tales and my boss (essentially) asked me to take over Chaotic Sword God. The previous translator, Deceptioning, had been planning to drop Chaotic Sword God since a very long time before that; the earliest I could remember him bringing it up was in September the year before I believe. Anyhow, given how chaotic (heh) the situation was back then with many translators leaving for other websites, Gravity Tales was essentially left with a vacuum of translators and despite giving plenty of notices beforehand, CSG was out of a translator. I was originally reluctant to take over CSG—I remember reading the first three or four hundred chapters and found the story mediocre at best. I had actually declined the first time GGP asked, because picking up CSG would go against the whole reason why I stepped back from ZTJ, and to be honest, the story just wasn't enticing. However, I did agree in the end because of the vacuum of translators GT suffered from; If I did not step up, CSG would have likely been dropped and GT would have also lost one of few remaining, larger novels, which would have been crippling to the site in general. I originally promised GGP to only keep the novel going until chapter 1000, or until the end of 2017. If you do remember, I held a mass release at the end of 2017 to hit chapter 1000, so I guess I did hold up my end of the bargain :P

As you know, CSG went down due to licensing issues a few months after I took over. However, I guess I remained somewhat optimistic and continued translating, so I could make up for all the chapters once CSG was brought back. During those months, I remember reading the later chapters of CSG. The earlier chapters leading up to the war between the Spiritsages and the Tian Yuan Continent wasn't too enticing. It felt rather forced and poorly written, but the battle between the Spiritking/Dugu Qiubai/Shen Jian and Jian Chen had quite the twist, especially when Shen Jian revealed that he was actually Dugu Qiubai. I guess I found that quite interesting, so I decided to keep reading.

The Saints' World was really a mind-blower for me. The first few arcs on the Cloud Plane were above average compared to the arcs of the Tian Yuan Continent—I recall the author asking for reviews to improve his writing and I think the author had a stroke of productivity as well, doing 4-5 chapters a day. The characters no longer felt so robotic—Shen Jian actually joked around with how Jian Chen favored Shangguan Mu'er in terms of cultivation resources, which I still remember surprisingly well. When I caught up to the raws back then, the author was writing the Neptunean Divine Palace, which I could feel was a really great arc, if not the best arc in the novel so far. I guess that was when I actually became somewhat motivated to keep translating, since I did want to translate that arc.

Flash forward to the Radiant Saint Hall and my mind was blown once more. It was a crazy arc, starting off with Mo Tianyun one-shotting the Heavenless Demon Exalt, demonstrating his monstrous strength after literally 2200 chapters of hyping him up. It continued on with the discovery of the fortune jade and the underground cavern with the eight Grand Primes, before going to the World of Moon and Star, discovering the Primeval Divine Hall and the fight with Qing Shan, and then entering the Tower of Radiance with the whole fiasco of replacing the artifact spirit and the Grand Exalt's legacy. I found the arc to be really was invigorating and basically sparked my interest into a burning fire to translate CSG. The arcs after that were somewhat lack-lustre, but the author really managed to lay down solid subplots and schemes behind the scenes involving Anatta. Now we're up to the Spirits' World, so let's see how that goes.

After over 2000 chapters of CSG, I must say that I've grown attached to it. I originally picked it up as a chore to keep the site going, but now I translate it as a hobby. I officially started releasing CSG after the previous translator handed it over to me on 24/03/2017. I don't know why or how I still remember that date, but I do. It's been almost 3 years, or 34 months if you describe it like a toddler. I've frequently asked myself this question: Do I regret taking over Chaotic Sword God from Deceptioning instead of translating other novels that I had in mind? Maybe not. Maybe Chaotic Sword God was worth it.

Anyway, enough with my rambling. Let's get to the real stuff.

Future Schedule

I think I've mentioned this before in a few posts, but I've frequently ranted about this aspect in my discord server for CSG, which is how slowly the author releases. The author releases at an irregular and painstakingly-slow speed. He averages to a little over three days per chapter for the past few years, but I've seen it jump between 2 chapters in a single day to going for almost 10 days without a single chapter. As a matter of fact, we're currently in one of these droughts. It's been a week since he released chapter 2723.

I'll try to release the chapters he writes as soon as possible, hopefully within 24 hours of release. Unfortunately, the author likes to release at around 12 midnight UTC+8, which is essentially 2-3 am for me, when I am asleep. As a result, the releases are automatically delayed until when I wake up in the morning. Furthermore, if I am busy in the morning, I have to translate the chapters later on in the day, maybe even in the afternoon. As a result, I will try my best to release within 24 hours of the raws, but I cannot guarantee that I can uphold this.

Furthermore, I may become busy with assignments and exams from university. These definitely take a priority over translations unfortunately, so it may take me up to a week to release a chapter when it becomes really, really busy. I've regularly been doing this whenever it gets busy, but you may not know as I try to translate enough chapters beforehand to keep the releases going without halting. That won't be possible now that we've caught up.

Future Plans

As for me, I'm going on a holiday in the near future. I'll be flying to Thailand on the 28th and I won't be returning until mid-February. I have a few novels in mind that I want to translate—unfortunately, it's unlikely for them to end up on Gravity Tales due to licensing issues. It'll be likely that I start my own website and I translate there. I'll still be posting Chaotic Sword God on Gravity Tales, but I might also pick up something from Gravity Tales, but in a few months' time once I get another novel up and running (yes CLC fans, I'm looking at you, your voices have been heard ;)), but bear in mind that it's just a possibility. I won't announce my new novel just yet, as I'm still reading through it, but I do quite like it. I'll announce it once I start releasing it and I'll also advertise it shamelessly in the notes for each new chapters.

I have asked the previous translator, Deceptioning, and my editor, Nora, if they want to add anything, but it seems that they don't have anything to say. You can still find me in the same place as usual, in my discord channel. Now that we're up to date, I have nothing to spoil for you, so spoiler chat is safe! Come join and we can ping theories off each other.

Thank you for all the support. Thank you Deceptioning for translating the first 678 chapters, thank you Nora for editing most of my CSG chapters, thank you my readers for reading CSG, thank you patron for the support you've given me over the years, and thank you my fanss in the discord channel, for keeping me entertained despite how lonely translating can get.

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