Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2000 + 2 Years!!!

By Pipipingu

Chapter 2000

166/730 chapters for the year!

What a day!

Not only are we hitting 2000 chapters for CSG, it also happens to be the 2nd anniversary of when I took over CSG from the previous translator, Deceptioning!

Not only that, the site's been revived on this day too! It's a miracle!

But anyway, let me get to what I want to say.

If you don't know already, the CSG author Xin Xing Xiao Yao is not a fast writer. Recently, his average speed has been roughly a chapter every three days, which is roughly 2000-2500 characters, one of the shorter chapters. He was definitely much faster in the past, but for some reason, he's slowed down significantly in the past year or so. As a result, we're actually quite close to catching up to the raws, with roughly 600 chapters to go.

Now, I could maintain this pretty average rate of 2 chapters a day and gradually catch up sometime mid next year, but I think that's a little uneventful and I'd much rather go out with a bang. As a result, I've decided to catch up to the author in January next year. The release rate won't change for the rest of the year, meaning that it's still going to be 2 chapters a day, though it'll mean a mass release in January, which is something for you to look out for.

However, this does mean that the patreon support for early chapters will be coming to an end this year. I do plan on closing down the early access for patreon after December, so that you don't have to pay or get charged for content that would be released during the same month.

I have a few other plans coming up this year, but they aren't really CSG related.

I do plan on picking up a new novel or two around the middle of this year, which unfortunately won't be hosted on Gravity Tales, but on the wordpress site that I had set up for CSG when Gravity Tales went down. I'll give more details on these novel(s) when we get closer to that time, so please stay in tune.

Lastly, I plan on setting up a backup site (the same wordpress as before) for CSG if Gravity Tales does go down again, so you can continue to read the novel. However, I might change the name of the website, which means the URL I provided before no longer be correct, which is why I'm not going to directly provide it here. Once I do decide on a satisfying name, I will paste it at the end of each chapter and ask you to bookmark it, so that you can continue to access CSG regardless of what happens to Gravity Tales.

Happy 2 years of translating, and happy reading!

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