Age of Adepts June 2018 Update

By TsukikageRyu

Good morning fellow Adepts! Ryu here with your monthly update (chapter posts will follow separately). I've got a few things to go over with everyone, including the bonus chapter situation for June, so feel free to settle in for a moment.

First, every did great last month! We ended up going from #10 in the GT Rankings in April, to #4 in May! That. Is. Madness! Frankly, I had hoped for #7, and set that as my high goal, but you readers went far beyond what I had expected. So thank you from Eris and I. As we held down #4 until the end of the month, that means ridiculous numbers of Bonus Chapters today. All in all, we will be releasing 13 Bonus Chapters today! That doesn't even count our normal 2 chapter Friday release, so all in all you'll be getting 15 chapters today. You've earned them.

Second, greetings New Readers! Last month saw some pretty significant growth for Age of Adepts. Everything was just bigger and better than the previous months. As such, we saw a sizable influx of new readers. If you're one of the people who discovered AoA in May, then welcome to the community. We're glad to have you. If you're new and haven't done so already, then please consider leaving a review for us on Novel Updates (link at the bottom of the post), as it helps other readers find us. We also offer bonus chapters each month depending on our final rank on Gravity Tales' Ranking chart, so drop us a vote when you can (link at bottom of the post). The higher our rank, the more people can see us and enjoy the story, and the more bonus chapters we can offer you :)

Speaking of Bonus Chapters, here's how June is going to work. We reached #4 this month, but I get the feeling it's going to be tough to hold that spot again. King of Gods looks like it might be making a play to reclaim its spot this month, so I'm asking everyone to take the time to vote this month and help us hold position. Sadly, we can't offer up as many bonus chapters this month as we did the last one. Eris and I are working pretty hard behind the scenes this month, and so our free time to put together even more chapters is strained. But we still want to give some incentive, and to reward you for helping make AoA popular. As such, we'll be offering:

1 Bonus Chapter for 5th Place. 

2 Bonus Chapters for 4th Place.

An additional 2 Bonus Chapters for 3rd. We're not particularly offering extra chapters for 1st or 2nd, because...c'mon. Really. I'd have to sell my soul to the devil or something to overcome RSSG or TWO. 

These bonus chapters stack, so if we hold 4th place, you'll actually get 3 chapters total. If we can somehow get 3rd, that's 5 chapters total. How many chapters gets paid out depends on our final rank for the month of June, and we shall pay them all out on July 1st, the same as we're doing today. I really wish we could offer more, and in the future we may, but June is looking to be an already productive month for Eris and I. Also, we will be keeping the 10 chapter/week release schedule, despite our workload. 

As for the other things we're working on- the Glossary will start going up before the end of the month, and will be done by the end of June. We are also going to be working on getting the first E-Book out, as well as finalizing everything for the Patreon, which should launch in early July. Like I said- June is going to be a busy month for us, but it's worth it to bring as much content to you readers as we can (making a little more money doing so also doesn't hurt). I'll likely be doing more polls this month, so keep an eye open. Most daily posts aren't exciting, but do try to check them out to see if anything worthwhile is brought up. 

Once again, thank you, readers. I obviously get paid for this work, and I enjoy seeing where the story is going, but what really makes it worthwhile is seeing people enjoy the series. I like reading the comments, seeing people leave their reviews, seeing people vote for the series or watching the page views increase. Everything that lets me know that every month, every week, more people are enjoying this story and becoming a part of this community. Every little piece says "people are enjoying this, and they want to read more." It's what makes me strive to give you my best every week.

If anyone has comments, questions, concerns. If you have things you'd like to see happen in the future, or things you don't. For any of these things, leave a comment on this post so I that I can see them and address them.


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