Age of Adepts is back! Age of Adepts Chapter 160

By Crunchkips

Hi, Eris here. 

I’ll be the one taking over UntouchableFly and translating Age of Adepts from now on, so I hope I’ll be able to make sure it’s as entertaining as it was before. I’ll be releasing at least once a day, so make sure to keep checking in!

I’ll be starting from where Fly left off, so Chapter 160. 

There might be several changes to key terms, nouns, and names, but mostly nothing major. I heard from Fly that there were discussions about changing the name of the series and the name of Adepts to something else, such as Sorcerers for example, that might be more fitting. If you have any disagreements or suggestions for better ways to name something or just suggestions for improvements, just comment and let me know. 

I really encourage anyone who followed this series to pick it up again, because the upcoming arc is where the world of adepts gets so much more intense and exciting. And for anyone new, make sure to check it out as well! Age of Adepts is a really good read!

As a bonus for the long wait, I’ll be releasing 5 chapters today!

And once again, I hope my translations will be entertaining and good enough for you guys, and if you do like this series, remember to vote at!

Without further ado, for those who have been waiting for this, here is the link to Chapter 160:

And for those who are new, please check it out here as well:

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