Age of Adepts Chapter 982 + December Patreon folders are up

By TsukikageRyu

As always, business up front: Chapter 982 is up for your reading enjoyment.

Second, December's Patreon google drive folders are now live. I made a post over there, but I'd still like to say a thanks over here for our Patrons. Without them, the dream of AoA continuing to be put out every day would have died long ago. It's been 13 months of AoA Patreon-only funding, and we're still here. So, thank you. (A reminder that the link to our Patreon can be found at the bottom of news posts and chapters here on GT)

Lastly, we would like to celebrate our success this month. We've made it through 13 months of Patreon support. We'll hit our 1,000th chapter this month. Hell, Christmas is right around the corner. So we're going to celebrate. Keep an eye open for an announcement within the next few days with more information. 

Also, thanks to all our regular readers for continuing to vote! We moved up a spot to secure 2nd Place last month! Woo! It doesn't do anything for us financially, but I am vain, and I like seeing AoA sit at the top. It's the small things in life :)



First Grade: 984

Second Grade: 987

Third Grade: 992

Fourth Grade: 997

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