Age of Adepts Chapter 705 + Thanks

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 705 is up for your reading pleasure.

It's March, and Age of Adepts continues to run. Even though GT has declined these last few months, and readership is down across the board, enough of you continue to read AoA every month to make it worth it. Thanks, everyone, for sticking with us. Thank you to everyone who keeps voting. We don't get any kind of actual compensation for the GT Ranking, and the competition has become sparse, but I still feel that keeping a decent rank helps new readers find us and keep AoA visible. 

Of course, a shot-out to our Patrons. Is it obvious shilling to mention Patreon here? Sure. But that doesn't change the fact that those who continue to support us each month, from those who can only kick in a couple bucks, to the Fourth Grades who shoulder the heaviest load of support, are the ones who make Age of Adepts continue to live. We even get the occasional person who throws a few bucks in through our Ko-Fi. As much as Eris and I love working on Age of Adepts, we're people who need to pay bills like everyone else. Every bit of support makes it easier to keep pushing on with this series. If I have my way, we'll keep putting out Age of Adepts til either the story ends or the website dies. Personally, I'm counting on my excellent translator, this fine community, and Patreon to keep this boat sailing right up to the very end.

In short- thanks for being there for us. We hope to continue being here for you for a long time.


Patreon Tier/Chapter

First Grade: 707

Second Grade: 710

Third Grade: 715

Fourth Grade: 720

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