Age of Adepts Chapter 677 + Thanks + Shilling

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 677 is up for your February enjoyment! This month is off to a solid start. I'm less sick than the last few days, and a healthier Ryu is good for everyone here at AoA. We're also #1 on the GT Rankings right now, so please consider keeping up votes this month. I'd really like to see us beat out Versatile Mage for the #1 slot this month.

Also, a reminder to our Patrons, without whom this endeavor would not be able to continue: new reward chapter folders for February are up on the AoA Patreon. Thank you to our January patrons who helped us get this year off to a good start. Another month of AoA exists because of you. Thank you to our readers, who continue to come and read AoA every day, week, or even month. Even those who have taken a break from the current arc to build up chapters *cough*CD*cough* but continue to be active in the community discord. The numbers are slightly down across the board- not sure if it's because we're down to seven chapters a week, the season, GT's overall slow decline, but we still retain a solid readership who makes this worth continuing. Without you, dear readers, this series would not persist. Whether you can help financially or not, always remember that being a loyal reader is the very foundation that even gives us the option of continuing through Patreon. So thanks a lot, everyone.  

(Shameless shilling below)

If you're enjoying Age of Adepts, now is a great time to stop by our Patreon and consider supporting this fine series! Patreon is mine and Eris' sole form of income for working on this series, and everyone who supports us through Patreon helps ensure the continued translation and release of AoA. The AoA Patreon has contribution tiers that give you access to advance chapters of the series (fully translated and edited) up to 15 chapters ahead of the GT releases. Thanks for your readership, and we hope to have your patronage as well.

For those who would like to kick in a couple of bucks and aren't looking for advance chapters, we also have a Ko-Fi for one time donations and support. It doesn't see much use (hell, if you have a few bucks, you might as well be a Patron and get a few extra chapters ahead), but people still occasionally help us through that, and every bit of support helps. 

As always, more than anything, thank you everyone for your continued readership and support of Age of Adepts!


Patreon Tier/Chapter

First Grade: 679

Second Grade: 682

Third Grade: 687

Fourth Grade: 692

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