Age of Adepts Chapter 670

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 670 is up to get this weekend of too a nice start.

I know the posts have been fairly quiet this month. I honestly don't have a whole lot to say. Eris and I are doing the usual: putting out chapters each day, I'm working my other jobs and Eris is going to classes. The Patreon continues to help us keep this ship afloat; though we haven't hit the goals we'd like, it still is enough to motivate us to keep AoA coming out. Even though GT has been pretty quiet as well, we still appreciate people who take time to vote for AoA in the rankings. Keeping us up in the Top 3 helps new readers find this series. 

So even though things are kind of just staying the course and nothing much is going on, it's worth taking a moment every once in awhile to say thank you to you, our readers, for continuing to support Age of Adepts and enjoying the work we put out every day. Thanks for sticking with us.

As always, if anything noteworthy develops with Eris, me, GT, or AoA, then these posts will be the first place I let people know.

Have a good weekend.


Patreon Tier/Chapter

First Grade: 672

Second Grade: 675

Third Grade: 680

Fourth Grade: 685

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