Age of Adepts Chapter 642

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 642 is up. 

Just a reminder to our Patrons: As it is the end of the month, I'd like to remind active Patrons that Patreon will charge you on January 1st for the new month. For those who didn't want to be charged for January, for example only having wanted to sub for December, then please make sure you go onto Patreon and change your sub status for the AoA Patreon do avoid a new month's charge. You're perfectly welcome to stick around for more great AoA advance chapter goodness :)  , but we completely understand those who can only afford a month or want to spend their money elsewhere at the beginning of 2019.

Patreon Tier/Chapter

First Grade: 644

Second Grade: 647

Third Grade: 652

Fourth Grade: 657

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