Age of Adepts Chapter 639 + Merry Christmas!

By TsukikageRyu

Merry Christmas, fellow adepts! If you're far ahead of me in the ol' timezones, then I hope you had a good holiday (or just a nice day in general if you don't celebrate Christmas). If it's still Christmas Day for you, then happy current holiday to you.

As it's Christmas, I'd like to give thanks to you, our readers, who have given us such a great year here at Age of Adepts. I've been doing this since January-almost a year now-and am so thankful I got assigned to this story and this readership. We've had some shaky times the last couple of months, but I still wouldn't trade it for any other series that has been on GT... maaaaaybe Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God, but that's just greed :)

So a big thanks to everyone who has been on this journey with us. Whether you were reading AoA when FruitFly was translating it before it was anywhere near GT, to those who may have only joined in the last month. From lurkers who never comment and just enjoy the story in silence, to those who vote everyday, to those on our Discord who are active and make it fun to talk there, to our Patrons who, quite frankly, have made it so that Eris and I could keep working on AoA these past couple of months.

Thank you, everyone. I only hope to be able to give more back to the community in 2019 as AoA continues to grow into the new year.


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Fourth Grade: 654

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