Age of Adepts Chapter 638

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 638 is up! Merry Christmas Eve Day (or Christmas itself for our readers on the other side of the planet)!

I said yesterday I'd do a slightly longer post today about what we have coming up. Firstly, we're not likely to get that $50/25 chapter tier up this month. Not that I'd advise anyone to drop $50 at this holiday time in the last week of the month. Eris has some time off from college for the holiday, so they're going to try and get chapters together for the new tier to launch in January.  We're also working on one or two other things for the Patreon in January, so please look forward to it. Some of this stuff will also be available for all readers, not just Patreon subs, so don't worry about being completely left out.

Patreon Tier/Chapter

First Grade: 640

Second Grade: 643

Third Grade: 648

Fourth Grade: 653

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