Age of Adepts Chapter 619

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 619 is up for your collective enjoyment.

Thanks to those who took part in the recent poll. The results weren't too surprising, though I was amazed by how much of a landslide lead Greem had. Everyone must love our favorite red-haired troublemaker...not Mary; the other one :)

I can't promise art will come soon, or maybe even at all, but I did want to get an idea of what the readers were interested in at least. I'll see what we can produce.

Also, thanks to everyone who is supporting us through Patreon this month. We lost a few people in the transition from November to December- some people only wanted to contribute for a month, or had changes in their situations. All completely fine and understandable. Anyone who helps for even a single month is someone who has kept the torch burning a moment longer. The good news is that despite the loss of a few patrons at the end of November, we are already 99% back to the numbers we hit last month.  And it's only December 5th! 

So, a special thanks to our Patrons for their continued support. 

Patreon Tier/Chapter

First Grade: 621

Second Grade: 624

Third Grade: 629

Fourth Grade: 634

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