Age of Adepts Chapter 614

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 614 is up to get this weekend started!  Sorry for the late posting- had a power outage here earlier that, while delaying me, luckily resolved early enough so that I didn't have to resort to using crappy public wi-fi at McDonald's or something.

I have made an AoA Patreon Post that is open to anyone to read. It addresses a few things as we start moving out of November and into December. The two important things are reminding people about the billing method so that no one is surprised when they get charged on the 1st, and the other is how people can keep hold of their November advance chapters even if they don't continue subbing on Patreon in December. There are a couple of other things, but these are the two major issues I can see people wondering about. Of course, if anyone has questions or problems, their best bet is to contact me on Patreon, or through the AoA Discord (either direct message me or ping me on the server). 

The tl;dr is if you paid as a Patron for November, but don't want to be charged again on December 1st (no matter when you joined in November, even if it was Nov 30th, you'll get charged on Dec 1st for the new month), you'll need to unpledge to AoA by 11:59pm PST (UTC-8). While I don't want to see anyone leave, I also want to make sure no one is going to get charged again when they weren't expecting it. Everyone's support this month has been great, and it's because of the support of our Patrons that we are able to keep delivering this series. As such, it's only fair I do my best to make sure our patrons can make the best informed decisions for themselves.

Make sure you've saved your drive folder link for November if you decide to unpledge, so that you can retain your advance chapters. Thanks for the support this month everyone!


Patreon Tier/Chapter

First Grade: 616

Second Grade: 619

Third Grade: 624

Fourth Grade: 629

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