Age of Adepts Chapter 593

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 593 is up for your enjoyment.

For those that have joined the Age of Adepts Patreon, we have also just established Discord integration. On the Age of Adepts Discord, patrons will now have distinct Roles as well as a few channels specifically for patrons (mostly to talk about advance chapters spoilers with each other to avoid spoiling non-patrons). If you are joining now, you should get the option to link your discord to Patreon at that moment, or receive an email at the time of signing up.

If you've already joined the Patreon, they have a guide on how to add your Discord account to Patreon so that you can get your Discord benefits.

I hope everyone is ready to enjoy their weekend. We're personally seeing our first snowfall of the year, so I've little planned other than staying inside and editing a bunch of chapters. Well...maybe a bunch of sleep too.

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