Age of Adepts Chapter 592

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 592 is up! 

We're doing decently in the GT Rankings. However, we've fallen from #1 to #2. Versatile Mage is giving us a run for our money this month. I know we don't have any bonus chapters to offer for votes, and our place on the chart doesn't translate to any tangible benefit for us, but please consider tossing a vote our way if you find the time. I like to maintain good visibility for new people coming to GT...and, vainly, selfishly, I want AoA to reign as king of GT for a bit longer.

I had someone who had trouble seeing the updated Patreon chapter yesterday- it seemed the chapter didn't update for them until a few hours after the GT chapter went live. I'm trying to take measures to prevent that by updating the Patreon folders even earlier before the GT post (in case it's some kind of update lag in the folders that I can't see as the owner). If anyone else has trouble with the new chapters not showing up promptly, please ping me in the AoA Discord's error-channel so that Eris or I can check the folder.

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