Age of Adepts Chapter 564

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 564 is up for your enjoyment.

AoA continues to hold strong at #1 on the GT Rankings, the Discord continues to grow, and we've also finally broken the Top 50 (Monthly) over on Novel Updates! All in all, everything is running full steam ahead. The votes are a touch behind schedule for our current voting goal, but not by much. Hopefully they'll catch up in time for us to release another bonus chapter on the 21st.

Thanks for all your support, readers. I've been pretty quiet on posts lately, as things are just chugging along and everything is fairly smooth. But I do like to take a moment every now and thank those who continue to make AoA a great series to work on and an outstanding community to be a part of. So thank you, readers, for the votes, the reviews, the lively discord discussions, the comments. It's what helps me proud to come to work each day.

October Voting Goal #2: 1583/2000 (79.1%)

Deadline: End of the day October 20th

Reward: One Bonus Chapter to be released on October 21st

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