Age of Adepts Chapter 431

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 431 is up.

We're heading towards our second voting goal for the month. If you didn't see yesterday's post laying out our goals and details, it is here.

Readers- you really pushed hard yesterday, and now we are very much on track to hit both voting goals! Also, we have gotten right back up with The Lord's Empire and have gotten back into 4th Place, though we are within a couple of votes distance with TLE, so it's still very much a contested position. Right now it seems we keep going back and forth when either series gets a new couple of votes. So keep up the heavy voting today and let's push TLE even further behind us!

Vote Count (as of the time of this post): 882/1500 (5th Place), 58.8% to Bonus Chapter #1 (55.1% to the second bonus chapter). Excellent!

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