Age of Adepts Chapter 356

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 356‍ is up. For those who've felt the story has been slow lately- just remember that in a couple of days we'll be dropping a large batch of bonus chapters on you guys! that ought to go a long way towards moving the story forward.

I mentioned that King of Gods was creeping up on us, and it seems they're rapidly closing the gap. I don't know if they can close a 60 vote gap in 2 days...but I know our readership could do it, and did perform a feet of last minute voting last month to get us to #10. So please, consider adding on votes over the next couple of days. If we drop to 5th place before the 1st, then that means a loss of two bonus chapters. I've already got Eris grinding those out for you- I'd hate to have to hold them back at the last moment. Like I've said in the past, I'm greedy and our readers have spoiled me. Every goal I've set- votes, pageviews, reviews, comments- you've all come along and constantly surpassed my expectations. Thank you.

Now go out and vote so we maintain our hold on 4th Place and secure your 13 Bonus Chapters!


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