Age of Adepts Chapter 308 + May Update

By TsukikageRyu

GOOD MORNING FELLOW ADEPTS!  Ryu here, super excited to start this month.  And I bet you know why.

We hit Rank#10 in the Gravity Tales Rankings for April! And that means a stack of bonus chapters for you. All of them will be posted today! Sadly, not all at once, but we will be releasing them throughout the day.

Oh, before I get too busy with future business, let me drop Chapter 308‍ here for you first. I'm going to be pretty long-winded from here on out.

So, now that we cracked the top ten on GT last month, let me update you on the AoA agenda. Now that you, the readers, have proven that there are enough of you to make it worthwhile, we've decided to open a Discord soon. Seeing how all of you came together to push forward and hit our voting goal last month, on the last day no less, really sells it that we need a place where this community can have a place to talk and interact.

Next on the agenda: Voting goals for May. We shall aim for Number One! I believe in my translator and myself, I believe in you, the readers, but I also believe in the readers of The World Online and RSSG, who would crush us under their boot heels without even looking.  One day, we'll definitely aim for the top. But for this month, we'll aim for a step further ahead.

We hit #10 last month with the bonus chapter promotion only having been installed halfway through the month. I believe we can get closer to 8th, or even 7th if we go strong right out of the gate this month. You've got the muscle, and I have the stick carrot. I've talked it over with Eris and checked their schedule. We'll also be offering Bonus Chapters again at the end of this month, based on our end of the month Ranking. Here's how it'll go.

10th Place- 1 Bonus Chapter. You guys ought to be able to do this one in your sleep by now :)

Every spot above 10th will add on an extra 2 Bonus Chapters per Rank. If we can hit 7th Place and hold it until the end of the month, that'll mean another 7 bonus chapters for you all. I think it's a pretty doable goal, and if we get even higher, you can make Eris cry from having to crank out all those extra bonus chapters. 

I would've chained Eris to their desk and made them put out even more Bonus Chapters, but I'm already running them ragged in our two other endeavors this month- assembling a Patreon and [?????]! Eris is going to be hard at work this month putting together the reward chapters for Patreon, so I have to be careful not to break them. It's all about finding the sweet spot between maximum output and a psychological breakdown. The Patreon will not go live this month, but we will be working throughout this month to get it up and running for June.

That about covers it. We will continue posting chapters today until we have released all 8 chapters for the day (Our normal Tuesday release + 7 Bonus Chapters). That'll be Chapters 308-315.

Have a great day everyone (you better with the feast of chapters coming to you. You've earned it!)


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