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By Cloe.D.Frost

If you have ever been an Aethernea patron, you should read this status update instead of reading this post.

If you have never supported Aethernea on Patreon, then continue reading. 


Aethernea release schedule is back to one release every Thursday. I also released one episode today. Aethernea Discord channel is now open to everyone. You can find the link to it as the external link. Come and chat with me and other Aethernea fans. Aethernea.com and Patreon are now integrated so if you ever decide to support Aethernea through Patreon, you will be able to gain access to patron-only episodes right after pledging, in mere seconds. Thank you so much for all your support over all this time. I am so very thankful to each and every one of you. Thank you, and sorry for the long wait! 

And now the long version... 

I'm back with a metaphorical writing pen in hand! Everyone, thank you so much for supporting me even though I keep making all kinds of mistakes. I am grateful for every and each one of you!

Bunch of you guys got worried about me and that really made my heart go soft and warm and fuzzy. ❤︎ Thank you! And sorry it took so long to get back on track. 

Some of the questions you 've been asking me are: 

* Are you dead... cough cough... I mean, ok, are you ok? 

Yeah, thank you for asking. :) I'm very much alive, well, and finally back on writing track. 👍 I will make sure not to leave you hanging for weeks without news ever again. Sorry about that! >_< 

* Are you having a writer's block? 

No, I wouldn't call it a writer's block. It isn't that I am stumped about what to write, it's just that I haven't been able to find an opportunity to sit down and write for the last two months. Currently, writing juices are spilling over the seams just waiting to be released onto the page. 

* Is Aethernea going to be dropped? 

No. Of course not! In the future, Aethernea might be put on hold for several weeks due to real life circumstances but it will never be dropped. I ain't stopping this until it is fully out of my head. 

* When will there be a new episode? 

Right now. :)

* What about the release schedule? 

I 'm going back to one episode every Thursday release schedule. So you can expect another episode next Thursday too, and so forth. 

When I finally catch up to all the patron episodes that should be out, I'll be going back to two releases per week. However, this might take some time, especially because we are nearing the end of the first book and I'll have to do a lot of editing before the book is ready for release. And I don't mean editing as in '"fixing small grammar mistakes and the like", but an overhaul of a lot of things. When I actually start the overhaul, I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with two releases per week. We'll see how it goes. 

* So, what happened exactly? 

A lot of things. If you want to know details you can check my Patreon page. Long story short, due to various circumstances I didn't write for about two months. Because of that, patrons didn't get any new episodes for two months, however, I still continued releasing new episodes on Gravity Tales for you guys until you cached up to the newest episodes that only patrons were supposed to have access to. And then I ran out of episodes and couldn't release any more until I actually started writing again. That's why you didn't get any episodes in the last couple of weeks.

I started writing again now and patrons are currently two episodes ahead of you guys, however, I am releasing new episodes for them every couple of days so the amount of patron only episodes is steadily growing. 

Alright, now that we're done with questions, I 've got some good news for you:

 * Aethernea Discord channel is now open to everyone! * 

As many of you might already know, Mythril tier patrons have had access to a private, VIP discord chat channel where they could chat with me and distract me from writing. :P

For a while now I was thinking that it would be nice if I opened up an Aethernea chat channel where all fans and readers could come visit and chat about Aethernea, me, or anything else. A place where people could pop in and ask questions like "wtf, where did Cloe disappear to again?" and "when is the next episode coming?". A place where people could discuss the plot and all their theories about what is really going on. But at the same time, I didn't want the point of a VIP channel to be lost. I also wanted patrons to have more benefits than other readers. 

And thus, after deliberation, I decided to open up my VIP discord channel to the public. Now, instead of the entire channel being VIP only, Mythril tier patrons will have access to a VIP only subchannel where I am a frequent visitor. Patrons will also have access to several patron-only subchannels. 

Feel free to invite your friends to the channel, patron or not, anyone is free to join. 

* Patreon-Aethernea Integration * 

Up to now, patrons had to pledge, send me a pm, and then wait for me to update their user privileges to access patron-only content on Aethernea.com. This was both an inconvenience for me and for you guys and for months I've wanted to change this. Finally, the change has been implemented and is live.

Now, you will be able to log in with Patreon to access patron stuff on Aethernea.com. You need not wait to access the content, nor do you need to contact me. It's all automatic. Pledge and gain access in seconds.

* Questionnaire *

Last but not least, Gravity Tales is running a questionnaire to better understand what you like and dislike about novels you read. So it would be great if you could go and take it. You can complete it multiple times for different novels.

Ok, ok, you can now finally go read the episode :) Enjoy! ^_^

Episode 147 – Seven

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Thank you to Aethernea MVP supporters: Anakin121, Alexander Aguilar, Seru, Sarrow, Midnitghtnest, Anaku Senko, Miphiel, Mr. Paxson, combatmaster1o3 and sdarkhorse. 

Also, thank you to Dominik Scharf, Allen, PapaD, Fenixfire, Void and Azsendi, who are also very awesome. 

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