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By Cloe.D.Frost

Here is an another interesting question ^_^

Now that Kiel is inside the Replica Dungeon, will the soul still function properly even if it's being shared between two different dimensions, or would something similar to when they performed the distance test happen?

Replica Dungeon is a subspace inside the basement of Muni. This means that the dimension Kiel is currently in is actually occupying the same space as the room with the egg-shaped chairs that the Kiel's real body is currently in. You can think of dimensions as layers of paper stacked on top of each other. 

The divine artifact takes scissors, cuts off a small piece of paper and places it on top of the area where Kiel is on the big piece of paper that is Halnea.

This means that even though one can't see or feel the other piece of paper, the two are infinitely close, basically on top of each other.

Also, the units of distance don't need to be the same between the two worlds. The other world can occupy the space of a single room in the basement of Muni, while for the people inside the world it can stretch for countless miles.

This means that if Kiel's soul doesn't have any trouble stretching its tendrils towards Kiel's real body, it won't have trouble reaching Kiel's replica body either because the two are infinitely close to each other. The tendrils just need to reach out vertically instead of horizontally, so to speak. Usually, they wouldn't be able to do so on their own, but the divine artifact will help pull them along and reattach them.



Episode 97 – The Purge

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