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By Cloe.D.Frost

So I've noticed you guys left me several questions on the last chapter that you would like me to explain, so I've written answers to them. If you have any more questions just ask. ^_^

  1. If Elaru’s soul has problems, how come it isn’t affecting Kiel since they are soulbound?

    Their soul didn't merge 100% into one without there being any distinction between what is his and hers. This merge is like taking two balls and welding them together with a blowtorch. Since they are connected in the middle, Kiel can siphon mana from Elaru's part of the soul, however, he can't perceive or feel what is going on with her part of the soul. For example, when the two were testing the distance that they can be apart, Kiel felt pain from his own soul tendrils snapping but he didn't feel the pain from Elaru's snapping (at least not directly). It's the same thing with the soul. If Elaru's part of the soul was in pain, he wouldn't be able to feel it directly.

    Kiel has no idea about the state of Elaru's soul. His own half is still perfectly fine and has no holes so he doesn't feel any discomfort or pain. He is also unknowingly helping lift the load from Elaru because his soul tendrils are helping siphon the mana out of their mana pool and thus helping to prevent Elaru's soul from popping like a balloon.If, however, Elaru suddenly stopped transferring mana from her soul, and the mana started to accumulate, Kiel's soul would also be affected and start inflating. However, since the mana is being constantly drained out, Kiel is not feeling any negative effects.

  2. Does argel hair color hold any significance?

    The color of the hair of a person is determined by the genes that his/her parents passed on to him/her. It isn't related to any kind of special power. It is purely cosmetic. The only significance that it might have is to allow you to easily recognize members of a certain family if that person has a unique hair color or speculate about who is related to who. 

    Unique hair colors that are "reserved" for a specific family only include: white(Arite), vivid purple (Arite), gold (Arite), silver (Arten), vivid blue(Rroda). (The reason whyArites have 3 unique hair colors will be explained later.) What this means is that if you see someone with golden hair (not yellow, but actual gold) that person would most definitely belong to the Arite family because there isn't a single non-Arite with that hair color. However, as you can see, there are only 5 reserved colors, so most of the time, you can't tell much by the hair color.

    Though, there are also hair colors that a certain family has often but is not unique to them. For example, a lot of Arten family members have gray hair, but there are also a bunch of other people who have gray hair. So if you see a person with gray hair, it might be likely that he is an Arten, but he isn't necessarily anArten.

    Although, to be honest, since I pay close attention to heritage when I design characters inAethernea, when you see people with the same shade of a hair color, if that hair color isn't yellow, black, or brown, which are very common, the chances are high that they are related. So you can use hair and eye color to speculate about who is related to whom.

  3. You mentioned that Rhur is somewhat important to the story, is his role good or bad?
    Hmmm, it depends on your point of view. Rhur, as much as it seems strange right now, is not a detestable evil guy that you will hate no matter what, he has his bottom line and while he does have big flaws, he also has good sides. Conflict is both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, it creates angst and pressure, on the other, it accelerates character and relationship development - "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". Personally, I think that his role is good, but that is from a higher vantage point.
  4. Are Arites good or evil?

    They are neither good nor evil. They are simply a family acting in their best interest. Sometimes that interest might not be in other people's interest, but most of the time they try to resolve things in a "good" way.

    An example of them acting in their interest would be the monopolization of Aetherneal bond - doing that is in their best interest because it gives them significant power over other families. When it comes to keeping it a secret they can be "heavy handed" resorting to murder or other methods. But if you compare them to the other families, all of the families have their secrets that they would want to protect at all costs, such as the Etezza family which has Mirage and Facade spells. I guarantee that Etezzas would be just as "heavy handed" (if not more) if the secrecy of their heritage was compromised.

    In that regard, no family is truly evil. There are a lot of people similar to Venric - heartless bastards that are constantly thinking about the family interest, disregarding emotions of family members, however, even though they are asses, they aren't acting "evil" for the sake of being evil. For example, Venric would be the first one to sacrifice himself if his sacrifice would help the Rroda family prosper.

    As for Arite family members, most of Arites are actually good people. Of course, in every family, there are bad apples that might cause disasters, but overall, people with a surname of Arite would be considered as good.

  5. If Elaru needs to consciously control her mana how does her mana behave when she is sleeping?

    The majority of mana that comes out of her soul stays within her body, while the remainder comes out and forms her aura. While she is going around and interacting with people she is careful and directs her mana to avoid magical artifacts and people who come in her vicinity. 

    When she is unconscious or not controlling her mana, her mana wouldn't avoid people or artifacts and it would randomly move in a two-meter diameter around her (why 2m will be explained in the future). In such a scenario, any non-divine artifact that comes inside her aura would get damaged and people would get hurt physically (and in certain cases, mentally). 

    However, Elaru has been trained to subconsciously move her mana away from people. Since most of the time when she is sleeping it's a form of light sleep where she is half-awake and half-asleep, she is able to subconsciously move her mana away from lifeforms who come in her vicinity. (Ep 17 Elaru quote: “I am a light sleeper. My sleep is rarely deep enough to have dreams.”)

    In rare cases, when she enters into a deep slumber, the same thing happens as when she is unconscious, however, unlike unconsciousness, her deep sleep doesn't last long.

    In Episode 17, whenKiel and Elaru were sleeping together, Elaru briefly fell into deep sleep which released her aura. When that happened, Kiel's body which was nearby slowly suffered damage. However, since her deep sleep state was brief, she had woken up before Kiel suffered any serious damage and Kiel's body regeneration because of the Aetherneal Bond was powerful enough to completely heal him before morning. This was actually beneficial to Kiel in helping mana temper his body while he was sleeping.

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 - Cloe

Episode 93 -  Anti-theft

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