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By Cloe.D.Frost

Here is an interesting reader question: "Are Kiel's hands not always covered so to hide the Aetherneal mark, so how did Dusk Rose's poison get to him?"

At the beginning of the story, when Kiel was working on quests and riding his dragon, he wore his work outfit which included gloves, as briefly mentioned in ep 2. However, when he got home that night he took a shower and changed his clothes the following day (Friday) to be more casual. He was supposed to meet up with Elaru and not do manual labor or fight a battle, so his clothes were lighter, less work/combat oriented and more stylish. This non-work outfit didn't include gloves as wearing gloves isn't as natural and comfortable as not wearing them.

When the two got soulbound that day, Kiel noticed that a black marking appeared on his right hand, upon which Elaru told him he should cover it up with gloves/arm protectors (which of course, implied that he wasn't currently wearing either).

So when the duo got back to Kiel's room, Kiel packed his things, including the necessities such as change of clothes and accessories. He didn't change into new clothes then, but he did put on arm protectors which were a more comfortable alternative to gloves. Those arm protectors look something like this but black:

Or this: 

While his clothing changes were not explicitly mentioned, around Ep 13, it was mentioned that Kiel took off his arm protectors before bed which implied that he was wearing arm protectors and not gloves at the time.

Kiel was wearing those same arm protectors when he ran into Dusk Rose, which is why he got poisoned so easily.  After the event, it was mentioned that Kiel was angry that he would have to wear gloves all the time if he wanted to prevent himself from getting poisoned in the same manner.

Naturally, Kiel is a fast learner and wouldn't make the same mistake twice, so after that day's exam, he begrudgingly switched his arm protectors for gloves. Which is why he is taking off gloves in ep 91 when Elaru is giving him the ring.

Anyway, in the span of the entire week that these exams happen over, there are a lot of things not mentioned, such as changes in clothes, showering, Cleansing, going to the toilet :P. But that doesn't mean that the duo didn't take care of their personal hygiene or had no change in clothes. :D I just feel it is unnecessary and would be quite boring to read if I narrated all those little things like washing one's teeth etc. So unless there is some humor involved, I choose to omit it.

This isn't a fantasy anime/manga where people are always wearing the same exact outfit. :P

Kiel has at least two outfits with him, one normal and one combat oriented, but even Elaru who usually wears the same outfit for all purposes still has several extra clothing/accessory items that she can put on. Things such as goggles, scarf, and gloves are some of the most basic necessities of an adventurer that they all have but don't always wear. 

Episode 143 – 5 stages of grief

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