◹ Aethernea ◸ - ☯ Episode 141 – IPOMQ ☯

By Cloe.D.Frost

I've slowly started filling up Aethernea wikia and glossary. So I decided to do a weekly featured article to let you guys know about interesting Aethernea lore. This week's chosen article is about the Ruyle Family - an argel noble family that specializes in everything creature related. If you've ever wondered…

  •  What Monster Alliance and Ruyle family really do
  •  What religion Ruyle family believes in
  •  Why Ruyles have vivid colored markings over their bodies even though they are argel
  •  What are familiars and Soulpair divine artifacts

Then you can read about it here.

Episode 141 – IPOMQ

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