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By Cloe.D.Frost

Here is an interesting reader question:

Can Aura deal damage?


Yes. Aura can deal damage both on a physical and a mental level:

Everyone's body has its own mana tolerance - if too much mana passes through the body, surpassing its mana tolerance, the body will get damaged even leading to death in more severe cases. Since aura is a cloud of mana, this means that it is possible for someone to get hurt by just standing near a mage with a dense aura.

In fact, mages are constantly minorly damaging their body by doing mana tempering so that they can increase their mana tolerance, which in turn would allow them to use more mana in their casting. Though, while mana tempering their bodies, they would increase the mana density in a controlled way to prevent their bodies suffering serious injuries.

Although using mana to physically damage opponents is possible, it isn't something often seen because it also has many limitations and drawbacks, such as the attack requiring a lot of mana, and opponent mage being protected by their own mage armor which would  make it much harder for the foreign mana to invade the body in an uncontrolled manner.

When people use the words "aura attack", what they refer to is not this physical damage, but rather the mental damage that can occur when powerful negative emotions are passed through a powerful aura.

Those negative emotions would be like a sudden punch, giving a shock to the minds that come in contact with it. This can be used to make people with weaker minds fall unconscious, or cause them to temporarily turn mentally unstable. Lasting mental damage is rare but not impossible.

Luckily though, the intensity of emotion required to be able to attack others with it is something that can't be normally achieved. Most people with powerful auras cannot do an aura attack, unintentional or intentional.  Most of the time, powerful auras filled with negative feelings only make people feel mental pressure, such as feeling stifled, anxious or fearful, the intensity of which depends on the mental fortitude of the afflicted person.

If you want to know an example situation that might enable a person to perform an aura attack… hmmm… I'd say… someone with a powerful mind who saw evil people violently torture and kill his entire family in front of him should be able to do an aura attack in that moment.

To be able to cause a mental shock to others, you have to be mentally more powerful than others and experience the shock to your own psyche first. One can't fake one's aura. It is a reflection of one's own mental state. Hating another isn't enough to be able to do an aura attack. You would have to be consumed by hatred.

Episode 140 – Magic Talent

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