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By Cloe.D.Frost

Time for some fan questions (or statements):

"I'm not super sure if you've answered this question lately, but I was wondering when you'll be putting two chapters a week again? I really love you book so far and this one chapter a week is starting to feel like torture."


Sorry about that. :( Each time I'm close to returning to the old schedule, something happens and I fall behind on chapters. I was sick recently and fell behind again. As things stand right now, it won't be anytime soon. I'd say in a month at earliest, but knowing me and my bad sense of time, it'll probably take more than that.

"after the main story is done you have a lot of characters to make side stories and a lot of readers to enjoy reading these!"


In the future, I definitely want to spend some time exploring the world of Aethernea from a different perspective. For example, as a character trying to become a famous alchemist, or a character trying to catch and raise various unique species of animals.I'd even love to write a story set in the world before Mage Wars which was filled with gods, different empires and religions, and many other wondrous things.But I think that beyond short side stories, the first longer story set in the world of Aethernea that I'd like to write is DOAF (Diary of Alann Farhice) which is a very funny story how Alann Farhice, an orphan with no talent in magic, bad looks, and incredibly bad luck managed to outsmart everyone and build his own city / establish his own noble family / insert many other incredible things he did. DOAF makes me laugh so much while coming up with events because Alann has several members of his little band of misfits and each one of them is a person with a unique personality and quirks that make any situation hilarious.

- Cloe

Episode 135 – Replicating

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