◹ Aethernea ◸ - ☯ Episode 132 – Change ☯

By Cloe.D.Frost

Thanks to everyone who voted for Aethernea on Gravity Tales Rankings last month, Aethernea managed to reach 10th place!

Thank you!


P.S. this is another late post, sorry about that, Episode 132 was released yesterday.

Episode 132 – Change

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Thank you to Aethernea MVP supporters: Anakin121, Alexander Aguilar, Seru, Sarrow, Midnitghtnest, Anaku Senko, Miphiel, Mr. Paxson and sdarkhorse. 

Also, thank you to Dominik Scharf, Allen, PapaD, Fenixfire, Void and Azsendi, who are also very awesome. 

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