Abyss Domination—Translator's Statement

By SaltyTank

Hello my dear readers, this is SaltyTank, and there’s something I’d like to say which I hope you’ll kindly read till the end.

I want to thank you all for the support all this time, and I cannot stress enough the importance of you all. Be it commenting about the plot progressing too slow, ranting that there’s too much info and not enough action in the chapters, or just saying “thank you for the chapter”, all these comments and interaction with you guys is what’s motivating me to translate Abyss Domination. I’m sure we all acknowledge the fact that AD isn’t any big title or flagship novel, nowhere close really, and I’m just a small potato among translators. Despite that, you guys still support me like crazy and I really like this community we have here. Interacting with you guys is not only entertaining, but also brings me satisfaction.

Yes, I’m a pretty broke student, and yes, I need money to survive and I do see it as one of the things that I have to consider. However, the main reason I worked on this series is because I like Abyss Domination, and I want to make it available to more readers. Money was never the main concern in my mind. I find the task of translating something fun and enjoyable, and I also see it as a chance to improve my English. As a matter of fact, QI (WN) has requested me before to turn AD into a premium series, to which my response was a firm no. In the end I was left with no choice but to dual-host the series on WN, or else I had to drop it.

Delving into the main issue here, I’m just tired of everything that’s happening with QI right now. Frankly, I have little say in almost everything. It’s been months since I first requested for an editor, but I have never received any concrete responses. I could not continue posting without getting my chapters edited, and at some point I simply decided to stop translating outright. It is my responsibility to ensure the content I deliver to you all is up to standard. Without knowing who the editor will be and when he or she will come, I cannot guarantee that, which is why I see no point in uploading unedited chapters to WN. WN also has higher demands on translators in terms of speed, and honestly, I cannot meet their demands as I also have my studies and real life matters to deal with. I have no idea how things are right now, nor do I know how this whole ordeal will conclude. One thing I know though is that I’m prepared for any outcome. I might be able to translate AD again, I might get axed, I might step out of this on my own; everything is possible.

This is getting pretty long now, so I’ll stop myself here. Just know that words can sometimes be insufficient in expressing what one has in mind. Anyhow, I hope that all of you will not hold anything against QI and more importantly, Gravity Tales. QI (WN) is a company, and it is only natural they handle things like one, not that I’m saying they’re good at it. There’s a saying in Chinese that says when one door shuts, another opens. Translating Abyss Domination, my stay at Gravity Tales, and reading all of your comments has been a great experience and pleasure for me, and it is certainly one of the best times I had in my life. Even so, I’m ready to walk towards the door that opens for me if this one closes.

My heartfelt gratitude for reading the lengthy post. I will update you guys when everything is over and a final decision has been made.


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