Abyss Domination—Volume 1 Chapters 91-96 + The End of a Journey

By SaltyTank

Hello everyone, this is SaltyTank. As promised before, I'll let you guys know when things clear up. It has been a while already, and I feel like this is now the time to let everyone know the outcome of the ordeal. I regret to bring the news the Abyss Domination will be discontinued.

I have been given the option to continue the series at a leisurely pace of 5 chapters a week, similar to what it has been before. However, after pondering on whether or not I should take this contract, I've ultimately decided not to. There are many reason for this decision, but one of the reasons is that the novel will no longer be hosted on Gravity Tales and may eventually become premium on WN, essentially paywalled.

Anyways, the decision has already been made, and I have decided to embark on a new journey. I will be working on my own site along with a few other experienced translators,some of which are from GT, where I will be translating another western fantasy series. Just feel free to check it out. It will be a tough journey, but I believe it will be a meaningful one. You can also stay in touch with me on discord: https://discord.gg/Q2W2ay6

This also gives me a bit more freedom on how to spend my time, and as such, I've decided to pursue further along the path of translations by aiming for a Diploma in Translations offered by the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Web novel translations is indeed a form of translating, but it also has major differences with how actual professional translating works. The focus on speed and quality are different between the two, and I enjoy taking my time refining my works instead of pumping out chapter after chapter. Working on my own site gives me the freedom to pursue what I like.

While this may be the end of my journey on Gravity Tales, I hope to see and go on a new adventure with you guys at my new place. As a final surprise, here's Chapters 91-96 to send Soran, Vivian, and Gloria off. I'm sorry I couldn't do more for you guys, I really am. As a side note, these chapters are not translated under a contract, so I'll call them "fan translations", and they might be taken down in the future.

This might well be my final post on Gravity Tales, so everyone let's give me a round of applause! *claps* My heartfelt gratitude for making my stay here a wonderful one, and without the support of all of you guys, this would never have happened. Thanks for the pleasurable experience, here's a round of applause for you guys ^_^ *claps*

I wish to see all of you in the future :) SaltyTank out.

Chapter 91

Chapter 92

Chapter 93

Chapter 94

Chapter 95

Chapter 96

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