Abyss Domination — Two-week Hiatus Announcement

By SaltyTank

Dear readers, I'm sorry to tell all of you that I will have to go on a short hiatus for roughly two weeks due to unforeseen circumstances. While translating Abyss Domination and interacting with you guys have been fun, it is also time-consuming and translating the chapters is an exhausting activity, and I currently cannot afford to invest such effort. I know I haven't been posting much in July, and I sincerely apologise. I thought I could juggle between translating and real life stuff, but apparently I couldn't.

In the next two weeks of hiatus, I'll try to squeeze in some time to get some chapters done so there's at least something for you guys to read in August. As for future plans, I still intend to translate Abyss Domination for as long as possible. There are some uncertainties here and there though, some of which I'm not privy to telling you guys, but one thing I know for sure is that studying will take a hell lot more effort starting September, and there might be times I have to go to placement training in hospitals. I guess with proper time management, translating should be possible, but hell I'm not good at managing my shit. I could use some advise on that lulz XD

Anyways, thanks for all the support, and I hope all of you will continue to bear with me for juuuuuust a little longer. See you guys in around two weeks. ^_^

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