Abyss Domination — Another Update v2

By SaltyTank

Hello everyone, SaltyTank here. As of now, the issue is no longer the absence of an editor, but something much, much more complicated. I have translated AD till Chapter 96, and someone is currently editing them. I will post the chapters onto the GT site as soon as they are edited, but I will cease translating the series until I have a better grasp of the situation and see how things unfold. There are things better left untold and I hope you all can understand my actions. I'm sorry about this, but honestly this isn't the outcome I wanted as well, given there may be changes in the future.

Before you cry because you miss me, you can still find me up and running on my wordpress over here, and in my discord channel here. I, for now, will be translating a short completed isekai-ish fantasy novel which has only 30 chapters, and is currently looking for a novel similar to Abyss Domination to satisfy you peeps just in case things go bad.

I have also set up a patreon page, so feel free to head over and help me pay my electricity bills, but I'm afraid there are no particular benefits apart from a big "Thank you and cheers ^_^" from me as of now. I'm always grateful for having such supportive readers, and I cannot thank you guys enough for all the support and love you all have been giving me all this time.

Love Y'all,

SaltyTank ^_^

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