Abyss Domination — Another Update

By SaltyTank

Hey all, it's me again. You're probably wondering, "Oi, where's our chapters?", no? 

I'm sorry to say that Aya will no longer be editing AD due to real life stuff. Let's all thank her for all the hard work she has done for the series ^_^ As it stands, there's no one editing the chapters I have translated, and that is why there have been no chapters even though I promised to put out chapters regularly. I honestly don't know when someone will join the team and start editing, but I hope it will be in the near future.

One more thing though, and that is about where the chapters will be posted. For one reason or another, Abyss Domination will have to be dual-hosted on both GT and QI. I won't comment on this arrangement, but I hope you guys will continue to read and support the series. I will mostly be replying the comments over here on GT so don't worry, and be sure to join our discord channel if you want to chat directly with me. I'm more active on discord actually XD

Anyways, that's it for now. I'll continue to grow the stockpile as I wait for our new editor to join us. Sorry to keep you guys waiting all the time.

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