A War Between Spies Launched!


Hi everyone!

We’re excited to announce the release of A War Between Spies! 

It’s a thriller novel. We hope everyone will enjoy this slightly different genre of Chinese novel.

For the time being, we’ll be releasing a chapter / day. Remember to vote for us if you enjoy the novel. We’ll be releasing bonus chapters depending on where we are in the Gravity ranking each month. The chapters will be released at the beginning of the following month.

Bonus chapters that can be obtained in June:

1st-15th: 5 bonus chapters

16th-25th: 4 bonus chapters

26th-35th: 3 bonus chapters

36th-45th: 2 bonus chapters

Click here to start reading Chapter 1.

The Team,

TNTG, JohnSmith369, Views & ShadowWriter

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