RMJI Chapter 255

By koreanmist

Hello fellow cultivat——— forgive me, for I cannot stand. This wretched fellow has been chained to a stone table, forced to inscribe long formulas on a tablet magic tool for months on end. Sigh, I can't even remember the last time I pinched a lady's bottom or "accidentally" grazed a woman's twin peaks. but never mind that! Ohhhhh curse you, Heaven! Keeping me confined here when I can be out there, galavanting about on the forums of 4chan and lewdcultivatorxxx.com! If only....! Fellow cultivator, if you would like to help set me free, please consider supporting RMJI on Patreon! For the first month of the Patreon campaign, all contributions on Patreon will also count toward the normal donation queue, so keep on sending your spirit stones! Any support is greatly appreciated. Another great way to support us would be turning off Adblock and other similar extensions.

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Please Enjoy: Chapter 255 

Translated by: doubledd 

Edited by: Koreanmist 

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