AMW Chapter 103

By kevin1782

Chapter 103: List

Edited by: Isalee

Translated by: kevin1782

AMW Chapter 103


Anyways, the Editor and I were wondering how they're going to carry and deploy the water bag at the battlegrounds. Then, even though the original texts were just that, I just made a conjecture from my experience during my conscription: maybe they put it in a safe building, carry and portion them separately to drink during the operation, then get back to the bag when the operation was done or when the threats are all cleared?

Then after that, I realized one thing: I sounded like some advertiser, advertising Danner boots, Steyr Sniper Rifle and etc.! Woah, that's a lot to advertise. If y'all need to go outdoor camping, please choose some of those that could be useful and comfortable for use haha~

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