Small update on chapter 82+

By Chunwa

Hey, Chunwa here, just a small update on the recent lack of chapters. Since there's a transition between two editors for me, I haven't been able to officially put the chapters out despite having some sit in my drive, but I can't have you guys suffer through this gibberish I call writing in good conscience without having an editor look it through.


So at a later time this week, I will at least release the two chapters I have finished right now, along with a possible third and fourth chapter I'm working on.


And for some shameless self promotion, my patreon supporters get the unedited version whenever I finish writing a chapter, so those guys know I'm not lying at least and just lazed around all day.

And last, but not least, a big shoutout to all my patreons, thank you guys for supporting me, along with my newest addition, Steffen J., who'll get his proper announcement in the upcoming double post.

Sorry for the long silence and I hope you enjoy (soon)! :)

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