A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 94 + 95

By Chunwa

Doublepost time again - finishing up the chapters from last week on Monday.

Having written four chapters last week, I did hit some wall and couldn't do much for the sponsored chapters. Now that I'm all caught up on the regulars, my plan is to reduce the sponsored chapters at the usual rate of two a week, I'm very sorry for the delay.

As always, I'd like to thank chuchutrain for the very well done editing, as well as Lord Vanyal, Narthor, all my other patreons and all the readers for the continued support as well.

Also a big thank you to Sergei I. and Dennis T. for their donation, you guys are awesome.

Additionally, please welcome my two newest patreons, Professor Sleep and Goodguyperson, thank you for the support.

Enjoy the chapters here and here ~

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