A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 92 + 93

By Chunwa

Chunwa here with two chapter ~

These two are the chapters I owe you guys from last week, I have this week's regular two chapters already in the drive and will them post later this week.

In fact, I had to rewrite the second chapter a good number of times, since it's going towards the end of book two. Instead of writing just like I want and make do in a later chapter, I want to find a proper ending this time. I hope you guys can understand. 

The sponsored chapters will go as planned, I think I can manage to get two this week and two next week, so no worries  about thatl.

As always, I'd like to thank chuchutrain for the very well done editing, as well as Lord Vanyal, Narthor, all my other patreons and all the readers for the continued support as well.

Also a big thank you to Sergei I. and Dennis T. for their donation, you guys are awesome.

You can find the chapters here ~ and here ~


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