A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 154

By Chunwa

Chapter from last week coming through ~ I got a new editor, a round of applause for Checkm8 who takes over the messy job of sorting out the garbled mess I call sentences from FluffyGoblyn, who now has a full time position here at gravity ~ Hurray for both of them.

Then a big thank you to the readers, and my patreons, namely stormbreeze, Travis Cox, Lithaera, Preston Payne, Brad Hawthorne, Pascal Salmon, Jean-Jaques Beesley-Edgar, Daniel Richardson, Rip Woodham, Kristian Kellmer Andersen, John Cook, Lord Vanyal, Cryostorm, aimee herbert and everyone else.

The chapter for this week will probably be out on Thursday so look forward to it ~ Now go here to find 154 ~

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